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Links/Updates/E-mail & Guestbook

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31 May, 2000: Added Mom's essay on Bartholemeu Dias, the explorer.
Addition of Julie's essay on Joan of Arc.
Minor changes to Mom's Page; addition of "Updates" to this page.
4 June, 2000: Added Peter's report on Spiders.
Also added Peter's Artwork.
29 June, 2000: Adjusted Julie's Art page.
17 July, 2000: Finished (for the time being) updating Julie's Art page.
Also redid Julie's main page, especially the biography.
20 August, 2000: Minor adjustments to Julie's main page.
26 August, 2000: Finally created Drew's page, with his letters from NET Ministries.
3 October, 2000: Tons of updates to Drew's page, with even more of his letters from NET Ministries.
6 October, 2000: New and improved pictures added to The Family Photo Album.
15 October, 2000: New Page! Drew's NET Scrapbook.
29 October, 2000: More pictures on Drew's NET Scrapbook.


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